Reference Check

Wrong hires can cost organizations time & money.

In a bid to find, attract and acquire the best talent for clients, it can be tempting to cut corners on the tasks that stop you from quickly making a recommendation. One such process that is often fast tracked or even overlooked - due to its traditionally slow and manual approach - is reference checking.

When its full scope is recognized, reference checking becomes a valuable HR tool that can safeguard recruitment agencies and labour hire companies from the risk of placing a “bad egg”

Professional references help organizations gain an additional level of information on their applicant, beyond what is listed on their resume that can provide them greater insight to a person’s work ethic and abilities.

Gennext offers a standard and premium level reference check service to help expedite the process HR professionals must complete when screening an applicant. Both include the contacting of colleagues and coworkers to gauge the applicant’s capabilities and authenticate work history.

The standard check uses a traditional set of questions and/or customers can develop a custom list. Gennext’s premium service includes a more comprehensive, performance-based reference check that provides a 360-degree view of a candidate.

An experienced member of our staff conducts all of our job reference checking service/ employment verification interviews via phone, unless required to be done in writing by the client or reference. All professional reference checking report levels will include the following, depending on corporate policy: