Overseas Recruitment

A client considering for overseas recruitment services is frequently concerned about such issues as complexity, timescales and the uncertainty of using an ‘unknown’ consultant in another country.

Firstly we recognize these concerns and believe the secret for successful overseas recruitment is clarity of focus, uniform process and strong project management.

Secondly, it is also far easier to work with a trusted partner who can share their knowledge of an existing clients organization, its operating style, culture and people requirements, with everyone involved in the process, in whatever country.

Taking the knowledge we already have and combining it with insights from the countries where the position is to be located also helps reaffirm the assignment brief. It ensures we see the ‘big picture’ as well as the attention to detail and promotes confidence in our ability to represent clients in every major market around the world.

Timescales for overseas recruitment will often be greater, not least because of the difficulties associated with the logistics of meeting candidates. However, part of our uniform approach is the agreement of an initial project plan detailing the various stages of the process and which ultimately commits both client and consultant to defined timescales.

Benefits of Overseas Recruitment