Recruitment Process Outsourcing

GenNext RPO is tightly focused on the recruitment capability within the vast and broadly defined Recruitment Process Outsourcing industry. When the results of a specific portion of the recruiting process is deemed vital or a specific department within the organization that is absolutely critical to the business, then GenNext driven Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a highly effective solution.

Services We Offer


GenNext includes our specialized Research Recruiters along with our business intelligence components which includes technology components and the latest Social Media and aggressive pro-active sourcing techniques to build targeted talent silos that help our Recruiters solve complex hiring problems with in predefined TAT.


Platform, we are able to provide data points and observations about our client's and their competitor's hiring trends, potential problem areas and pockets of hidden talent within the highly competitive industry landscape.


We are well versed in working collaboratively with the clients and the employment branding partners in developing, refining & deploying the right messages & tactics to optimize your investment, time & resource. We are focused on client satisfaction and optimization policy. GenNext works on the policy to generate the optimized solutions delivered to our clients and customers within stringent time.


We proactively source high potential people to ensure you have a pipeline of top quality candidates coming through, so rather than reactive vacancy filling this is a holistic approach of ‘reaching out’ to candidates.


Determine potential candidate availability, both in terms of volume & quality, required salary levels, conduct bespoke initial screening and test pre-requisite skills including languages.


We examine the present ‘health’ of your end-to-end recruitment process, ramping down & examining each main stage of Strategy / Attraction / Assessment & Selection / Engagement & Retention. We identify weaknesses, recommend 'fixes' & provide a data-backed Roadmap Report highlighting both 'Quick Wins' and the key transformation tasks required to achieve sustainable advantage.

Benefits of RPO

  • Measurable Results:- SLA & KPI driven metrics & outcomes
  • Optimized Technology :- Suppliers consolidation and Vendor neutral approach
  • Ownership:- In-house ownership with transfer/re-badging of people/process & knowledge
  • Lowered Cost & shared risk :- Flexible and scalable to accommodate your fluctuating needs
  • Reduced Time-To-Fill :- Multi-tiered sourcing strategy accelerates the process
  • Consistency :- Streamlines recruiting functions across multiple regions / business units
  • Compliance :- We meet the industry and governance regulations to the best
  • Centralization :- Global account management & vendor management
  • Enterprise Wide RPO Engagement

    Objective: To outsource end to end recruitment activities ‐ Workforce planning all the way up to On‐boarding. In other words we become your recruitment team

    How it works:

  • Review and improve recruitment processes
  • Implement customized applicant tracking systems
  • Dedicated Onsite & offshore RPO team
  • Centralized recruitment team
  • Strategic partnership
  • Advantages:

  • Improve quality of hire, reducing turnover
  • Deliver measurable performance gains
  • Add scalability and capacity without fixed cost investment
  • Reduce cost per hire and time to hire
  • Improve data analysis
  • Enhance productivity

  • Partial RPO Engagement

    Objective: GenNext handles some or many of the recruitment activities such as, Sourcing, Screening and Assessment, Interview Scheduling, Offer Generation Process, Background Check, data tracking.

    How it works:

  • Identify processes for offshoring
  • 2-3 year contracts with scalability
  • Full time offsite/onsite team
  • Customized service to clients specific recruitments needs
  • Handle tactical day to day functions
  • Client team handles final selection
  • Advantages:

  • Scalable team size based on hiring cycles/needs.
  • Access to major & niche job boards
  • Applicant Tracking & reporting
  • Access to large candidate database
  • Technical skills screening and profiling abilities
  • HR time freed up for strategic work
  • Reduced cycle time

  • Project Based Recruitment Outsourcing (PRO)

    Objective: Some organizations have the need to manage spikes in recruiting demand that require a rapid response capability to accomplish the tactical hiring goals. Once the hiring goals are achieved the organization needs the cost associated with the project to go away.
    GenNext can help by rapidly deploying a project-based initiative designed to accomplish the exact hiring or candidate sourcing objective within the client’s specific business situation.