Meet the GenNext Team

Mr.Gyanendra Singh Baghel
C.E.O & Managing Director

``Mr. Gyanendra Singh Baghel is the C.E.O & Managing Director of Gennext India Private Limited; he plays an integral role in Gennext’s strategic planning, alliances and partnerships. He is the face of the company and leads the company from the front. Mr. Singh has been the real brain behind the success of the company and has brought unprecedented expertise to the table. He holds 11 years of strong background in recruitment and business development. His leadership role has grown GenNext through a variety of economic and industry climates. It is his innovative and pioneering ideas that has made Gennext is one of the best recruitment companies in the country. ``

Mr. Swapnil Tripathi
Training - Head

``Mr. Swapnil is Employability Skills Specialist and Training Head of GenNext India Privet Limited. He is an IBS Hyderabad alumni with 16 + years experience in Business Planning, Sales Management, Training and Distribution team building across organizations like ICICI, Reliance Industries, TATA and Aditya Birla Group. He completed his Graduation in Science from University of Madras. Swapnil has completed Digital Marketing certifications from Google, Facebook and Hubspot Academy. He is a corporate trainer par excellence and focuses on increasing employee productivity. ``

Mr. Bhupendra Singh
Senior Manager - Operation & Talent Acquisition

``Mr. Bhupendra Singh acts as the backbone of the organization with a strong 10+ years of experience in recruitment. He chases for perfection because through this urge the excellence will be achieved for sure. He enjoys emphasizing on little details and micro stuff to accomplish the task effectively. He believes A little Progress each day adds up to big results and his futuristic vision and work values form the strong pillars of Gennext. He is responsible for every milestone that GenNext has achieved so far. He stands as the shield to all the hurdles coming in across GenNext's track. ``

Mr. Ashish Shrivastava
Client Relationship Manager

``Mr. Ashish Shrivastava holds an influential position of Client Relationship Manager in GenNext. He has successfully developed and negotiated complex business deals with multiple clients. He holds experience of various firms in recruitment industry and has done a great job learning the nuances of each one of them. He is a pro at what he does at Gennext. He excels in his assigned role with his great Negotiation, Persuasion and Collaboration Skills.``

Ms. Shubhangi Gawhade
Assistant Manager - HR and Admin

``Ms. Shubhangi Gawhade wishes to inculcate all the important learning by taking up the responsibility of Asst Manager – HR and Admin at Gennext. Shubhangi with a background in Human Resource, Employee Management, Process improvement and Business Excellence is acting as a heart of the firm. She enjoys setting up the best industry process checks and practices. Her focus lies in continuous improvement resulting in the upstream process. She is solely responsible for maintaining the equilibrium between employees and the employer.``

Ms. Aesha Khan
Deputy Manager- Talent Acquisition

``Ms. Aesha Khan as a Management professional has an experience of 6 years in Technical and Non technical Recruitment. She has a good hold over the core end to end recruitment services. She addsour zeal, enthusiasm, energy in work. Her workaholic attitude allows her to focus on details and deliver the assigned tasks within stringent timeline. She enjoys experimenting with new and innovative recruitment practices and makes the complicated things simple with her generous recruitment experience.``

Mr. Hukum Dangi
Assistant Manager – Operation & Talent Acquisition

``Mr. Hukum is results oriented, hard working and dynamic technical recruiting professional with 5+ years of experience. He is focused in finding the right skill set candidate for the right positions at the right time. He is capable of hiring all levels of technical candidates ranging from Associate to Senior Manager and Director. His Dynamic self motivated, team player and interpersonal skills aids to the jovial work culture at GenNext. He is always among the one responsible for every milestone that Gennext has achieved so far. ``